Jam and Tea


So why the move?

And the Tea bit?

What about the Jam?

Well. The move seemed inevitable. After so many. New leaves. Fresh starts. Clean page. All that jazz.

The tea?

I’m surrounded by the stuff. Absurdly green for Africa. Abundantly, aburdly, rudely green.

As for the Jam.

A metaphorical making of …

Life’s changed shape. A bit. It seemed right my blog should too.


8 thoughts on “Jam and Tea

  1. Welcome to the new blog. I’m sure that others, like me, are glad to hear from you again and hope that this move is a success.
    So, a tea plantation in Tanzania…presumably somewhere around the Highlands nearish to Iringa?

  2. Well done you – and i’m glad you are back blogging (even if it’s in a different place). I have made lots of jam recently (blackberries like the funny wet weather we’ve had in Nairobi) and it is so calming…. hope you will take some of my jam back to Tz to have with your cup of tea….

  3. I am so pleased to find you again. I intend to re-read your “archived” RM blog which was so great to read at the time over the years. But this one looks great too, sort of shiny with new beginnings. I am longing to hear more of your life in the green highlands. All the very best!

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